结合深厚的专业知识, climate risk modeling uses cutting-edge technology to help agencies and 组织 use their resources more efficiently, 降低成本, 加速完成任务, 做出更好的决定,面对 不确定性,并创建可操作的计划,以满足弹性目标.


1. Future heat waves and heat-related deaths projected to increase in the Pacific Northwest

对于太平洋西北地区的许多人来说, the 极端温度 at the end of June 2021 were miserable at best and deadly at worst. In this analysis, we discuss what made this heatwave so deadly and what we can expect in the future.

2. 了解气候变化对心理健康的影响

Warming 温度s play a role in negatively impacting mental health with an increased risk of suicide. 气候风险分析可以做出预测,帮助解决这两个危机, 包括制定有效的心理健康干预措施.

3. 支持联合爱迪生公司的气候恢复和适应计划

Utilities increasingly face high-impact challenges from spikes in energy consumption and service disruptions. By changing how it plans and designs its energy delivery systems to be more resilient against intensifying climate events, 联合爱迪生公司在规划和应对方面采取了前瞻性的方法.

4. 关于气候变化影响的国家气候评估报告

The United States is experiencing the impacts of climate change in every region, 从西部的火灾到东部与飓风有关的洪水. ICF支持美国.S. Global Change 研究 Program in producing the 5th National Climate Assessment report identifying climate risks to humans and natural systems in the United States, 现在和将来.


没有两个组织会经历相同的成熟度路径. The people and culture of an organization determine its digital transformation journey. 我们的气候专家对人进行评估, 组织, and technologies to help enterprises deliver on their promises to users through digital transformation.


1. 利用有数据支持的气候分析.

不确定性不应成为行动的障碍. Serious climate action begins with data and methods—brought to life through analytical rigor, 尖端科学方法, 技术完整性. Climate experts must execute hundreds of action planning projects and manage flagship resilience plans for federal, 状态, 以及当地机构, 公用事业公司, 私人公司. 实施国家气候评估, it’s imperative to bring a data-backed approach to climate impact assessment and risk analysis, 减排技术, 适应性分析, 脱碳是经济的, 股本, 健康福利.

2. 与综合的专家团队合作.

技术培训和援助(TTA)首先是一种伙伴关系. 依靠 丰富的明升体育m88知识 创建有针对性的评估和解决方案, 准备和执行气候行动计划, and promote sustainable urban development at the sub-national level with regions, 省, 和城市. A holistic approach to understanding climate risks and actions—combined with scientific expertise—refines future climate hazards into realistic vulnerability risks and assessments, 帮助培养一条通向成熟的现实道路.

3. 在整个过程中确保涉众的参与.

Raising awareness through stakeholder outreach is essential to achieving climate goals Any successful climate action plan, 无论规模多大或多局部, 需要 不断拓展 参与整个规划过程. Outreach can include everything from workshops to information awareness campaigns.



气候风险模型是可靠和准确的. 随着最新的科学技术不断发展, modeling incorporates the millions of human and computer-assisted 天气 observation networks around the world recording data constantly—variable and fluctuating data from the air, 土地, 和海洋, 比如温度, 风的模式, 还有洋流. 输入模型的数据点越多, 包括比较历史数据, 它的输出越准确. 虽然预测和预测总是有一定程度的不确定性, 21世纪的气候模型是 基于 建立良好的物理原理和地球系统过程.


气候模型模拟和可视化地球随时间的变化. Models allow us to test hypotheses and draw conclusions on past and future climate systems, 从自然到人类对大气的影响, 天气, 气候事件. A climate risk model’s predictions and results can help alleviate the harmful effects of climate change—like severe storms and 干旱, 极端温度, 海平面上升, and melting glaciers—that directly harm people and animals and destroy the places we live. 气候风险模型也可以帮助我们 优先考虑环境问题 基于科学证据.


Climate models should provide data with the intent of providing actionable analysis. 通过将可靠的数据置于上下文中, climate risk models provide information that serves as the basis for functioning action items. 有了这些数据, 组织 can act at the juncture of climate modeling information and end-user actions. The translation of climate information into real-life action 需要 the credibility and reliability of the data, 以及它以清晰的语言传达信息的能力, 突出的方式.